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Minimum Footprint and Maximum Performance

The MBBR process is extremely important when a minimum footprint and maximum performance is sought specially for highly congested urban or remote rural areas.


25m³/day - 1200 m³/day capacities

Building state of the art new Waste Water Treatment Plants running with capacities ranging from 25m³/day - 1200 m³/day


Upgrading and /or Improving

MBBR process is also vital when upgrading and /or improving the performance of existing Waste Water Treatment Plants is required.


Chemical Industries, Hospitals etc.

The MBR process on the other hand is indispensible when waste water to be treated is contaminated with non organic pollutants, waste water of chemical industries, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and many other heavy industries are typical examples for MBR applications.



Meet any capacity or effluent requirements. No additional Shelters needed, Can be Built or Transported in Standard ISO Freight Containers, Very compact and occupy very less space than other plants., Less maintenance , low capital & operating cost benifits, Simple assembly and can be operated by casual operators



The system is prefabricated and can be mounted in Standard ISO containers, Easily transported to any location unlike other conventional treatment plants, Enhancing the Bacteria population is not needed, Easy start up , with full automatic operation. Easy to operate one central control panel fort the whole plant. Clogg free ,20 years guaranteed biomass media is provided. No Odor .Low energy requirement!


Since more than two decades our company has been involved in treating both domestic and industrial waste water. Our engineering knowledge was confined to the waste water treatment by the conventional activated sludge method. In the year 2008, Turkey, being a candidate for the European Community‘s membership, was officially requested by the Union to renew and/or upgrade all its waste water treatment facilities to comply with the EEC environmental regulations. Since then ,almost all the new activated sludge WWTP’s were planned on national scale with massive budgets and capacities, seeing no future for our company in this field we decided to quit the business of building new treatment plants using the classical activated sludge process and focused our attention on the MBBR(Moving Bed Biological Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) processes instead .

Building state of the art new Waste Water Treatment Plants running with capacities ranging from 25m³/day - 1200 m³/day

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AQUA SMART® is a compact WWTP that produces a very high quality effluent water suitable to use in field irrigation, industrial use, wash-water, flush water, industry etc. The prefabricated AQUA SMART® MBBR compact systems are completely autonomous and provide a very high level of treatment.

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  • AQUA SMART® system in action

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