Improving and increasing the performance of existing Activated Sludge WWTPs

Rapid urbanization and  increase in population cause unforeseen growth in the quantities of wastewater to be treated by existing facilities  ,on the other hand Increasingly stringent effluent requirements require plants to remove pollutants (especially nutrients) which were not necessarily considered in the original plant design. In many cases, existing treatment systems are either intrinsically unable to meet these two challenges (for example, extensive lagoon systems), or require addition of reactors and other process volumes which call for expensive civil works and space which may not be available in the existing plant location.

 IDEAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITED can solve this problem in two different methods

a. Bacteria Culture enhancement method
b. The AQUA SMART MBBR system method.

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a. Bacteria Culture enhancement method

 IDEAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY  is the only company in Turkey that has the technical capability and the know how to formulate and prepare various Bacteria Cultures for Waste Water Treatment Plants .Our long term business ties with the most prestigious  American laboratories  helped us stay ahead in this field . The Pseudomonas and Bacillus Bacteria cultures used in our formulations are directly imported from The USA .  Concentrate cultures (2-10 Billion CFU/g) (Colony Forming Unit)  are formulated in a dosible liquid form and introduced to the Waste Water .   images3
Treatment procedure:  When the effluent water’s quality is no more satisfactory, a full water analysis is usually carried out to establish the causes of this problem. In many cases, the problem is usually caused by the lack in the quality and the quantity of the natural bacteria available in the treatment system. Based on the water analysis, the type and the quantity of bacteria to be introduced daily is determined and dosed accordingly. The improvement in performance should be noticed within 2-3 weeks from starting dosing date. 
b.  AQUA SMART MBBR system method
       AQUA SMART MBBR system is used when the Bacteria culture method fails to give the required result, this system offers a simple, cost-effective solution for both of these problems, and allows  existing treatment plant to both increase their treatment capacity and upgrade the effluent quality with minimal civil works and little or no added treatment volume.  AQUA SMART process can be installed within an existing intensive treatment process (such as the activated sludge process), added to an extensive pond or aerated lagoon system, or designed and constructed as a stand-alone wastewater treatment plant in a number of configurations, depending on local conditions and requirements. For more details please go to AQUA SMART MBBR SYSTEM page. 
If you have any problem in your treatment plant, just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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